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EPR Services

Being a PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation) we helps to producers meet their EPR targets through various recyclers and dismantlers in the country. We are responsible for setting up a collection mechanism for the targeted material and create awareness for recycling of e-waste. We helps our producers for getting EPR authorization and filling form 3 (pollution return) to CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) as per their guideline. We helps our producers for getting EPR authorization and filling form 3 (pollution return) to CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) as per their guideline. .

CSR Activities

We operates CSR activity (Corporate Social Responsibility) for our clients like manage E-waste , food & water waste, ensures safe, fair and human working conditions for workers/employ and providing sufficient living conditions..

Certificate & Compliance

We provide to our customer/producers Recycling Certificate and other necessary compliances after their product dismantle, recycle in our authorized dismantling/recycling facility. .

Toll Free number

We have a dedicated team of telecallers and professionals working on our 24x7 toll free number for the consumers to dispose off their e-waste. We are committed to provide the best solution for achieving the targets..

Buy-Back&Tack Back Services

We provide collection scheme like buy-back arrangement, exchange scheme, Deposit Refund Scheme and take-back schemes for e-waste and our compliance management evaluated and optimizes the compliance cost of producers..

Free Pickup services

We are offering to end users and producers a free pickup service from their location to convenient, hassle free and safe disposal of E-waste..

Get Cash from your e-Trash

We are running program for ewaste collection at RWA & societies and we are ready to pay them for their ewaste. End user also can call us on our toll free number and can get best price of their ewaste. .

Free ewaste bin installation

Collection bins for ewaste can be set up in schools, colleges, offices, RWAs shopping malls, Please Contact us to conduct an E-waste collection drive and ewaste bin installation. .

Get a free carry bag

We are giving carry bags made from recycled material & Jute fiber to end users in lieu of ewaste. The begs of Jute fiber is entirely biodegradable and easily recyclable. So please contact us for these beautiful bags. .

About E-waste Recycling

Our E-waste recycling partner are M/s Trackon Ewaste Recycler Pvt. Ltd. trackonrecyclers.com & M/s Exigo Recycling exigorecycling.com .They collect all types of IT, electronics, electrical, media and communications equipment & dismantling/ recycling it in a envirement fraindly sound manner. Trackon Ewaste Recycler Pvt Ltd is based in Bangalore Karnataka & Exigo Recycler based in Panipath Haryana. About Exigo Recycling Pvt Ltd.  Vision Exigo Recycling Pvt. Ltd. is a thoughtful, ingenious initiative designed to simplify recycling processes through convenient e-waste management, recovery and disposal. The company strives to maintain a meticulous procedure pertinent to furthering the cause of green environment and acceptable waste disposal techniques. Exigo prides itself in a transparent, ethical and sustainable practice to empower businesses in accrediting themselves as unerring, responsible organisations. Also involved in propagating cognizance about the importance of sustainable and green recycling, the practice is helping towards an ecologically viable and naturally safe future.  Services Exigo Recycling has undertaken a holistic approach in the field of recycling, providing a range of solutions. Services include efficient recycling and recovery of electronic, CFL, mobile and other e-waste. Apart from ensuring secure storage and transportation of the waste with zero leakage, it endeavours in facilitating a vast range of on-site and off-site services for data security, IT asset management and electronic asset decommissioning. The company has presence in all states and union territories pan India with shared warehousing.  Technology Exigo is involved in constantly innovating systematic processes and techniques. The determination to maintain transparent, robust quality and tactical management systems aids in retaining elevated work standards. The firm possesses advanced documentation software in order to provide complete transparency and clarity to the complete process. Exigo’s 24/7 accessibility services and an effective tracking mechanism (Recycling Information Management System (RIMS)) have succoured with client concerns and necessities.  Specialisations The organization believes in harnessing collective knowledge to reach even the most out-spread of issues. Therefore, in addition to the systematized collection and recycling services, it specializes in PCB recycling, in-house reverse logistics management, assets tracking, precious metal recovery and much more.  Industry The practice values its clients, evident in an ideology of providing excellency and fulfilling expectations. Exigo accommodates a multitude of verticals in the client roll with incorporated separate services for not only formal but informal sectors as well. The client list comprises of MNCs in addition to Indian entities; producers as well as Bulk consumers. Furthermore, the CD, IT & ITES and mobile industries have been steadfastly receiving prompt and comprehensive services.  Certifications Satisfying a pre-requisite, Exigo has acquired the essential Central and State Pollution Control Board certifications. It has also been certified with all applicable environmental certification with respect to occupational health and environmental safety on top of quality management systems.  Plants The existing plant with a capacity of 6000 tons at Haryana is spread across 3000 square meter area. It is an all-integrated facility equipped with the necessary technology that helps in delivering sublime results. A 2nd plant in a 11000 square meter area with approximately 16000 tons/pa capacity will be operational by April, 2019.  Expansion Exigo’s visionary approach has proved fruitful in expanding its base beyond national boundaries. Plants and dismantling centres are operational in South Africa. Additionally, the firm has been instrumental in configuring upcoming centres in Nigeria, Haiti and the African continent. Exigo’s downstream vendors based in India, Japan and Belgium help in better resource recovery and maintaining a transparent trail in statutory documentation, thereby following its ethical principles and global best practices. .


 Reg. office :- A-39, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase ll, Delhi 110028


Branch office:- 4th Floor, Tower B, A-1 Windsor IT Park, Sec -125, Noida

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